Leaf Solutions

Protect your gutters so that they can protect your home.

small hole leaf screen


Small hole leaf screen is the most common gutter guard product sold today. Depending on the type of debris present, this can be an extremely effective solution at an affordable price.

Its stainless steel frame provides strength and durability, and it's open design allows water to pass through unimpeded. Its main advantage, however, is its affordability.


  • Affordable for most any budget
  • Open design works great on any size gutter
  • Powder coated finish provides some degree of water resistance


  • Not as effective for troublesome debris (pine needles, oak tassles, Crepe Myrtles, etc.)
  • Steel frame is more susceptible to rust and corrosion
  • Rough texture causes debris to accumulate on top of gutter more so than some other products
perforated aluminum leaf shield


Perforated Aluminum offers much more protection than Small Hole screen for not much more cost. With small, 1/8" holes, this product is built to block the most troublesome debris.

In addition to providing protection from debris, this sturdy, rigid product actually strengthens the overall gutter system considerably. Screwed into the front lip of the gutter and through the back of the gutter into the fascia board, once installed it combines with your gutters to create one solid unit of metal. 


  • Works great against almost all types of debris
  • Smooth finish helps prevent debris from sticking and accumulating on top
  • Adds considerable strength to gutters


  • Closed design not suitable for smaller 5" gutters
  • Heavier rains may cause some spillover near valleys and other high volume areas
fine mesh leaf sheild


Fine Mesh leaf screen is the ultimate solution to leaves and debris. When properly installed, not even the smallest amount of debris can get into your gutters making interior clogs virtually impossible. Like Perforated Aluminum, it adds considerable strength to your gutters. The holes are tiny but the openess of the design allows water to pass through unimpeded. In our opinion, this is the most effective gutter guard product on the market. 


  • Holes as small as those found on a window screen block almost any type of debris
  • Open design allows water to pass through unimpeded
  • Extremely durable design adds considerable strength to your gutter


  • Higher cost not suitable for all budgets
  • Tree sap or other sticky materials may clog the tiny holes

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