Valor Gutter Guards

The ultimate solution to leaves and debris.

valor mesh leaf shield

Valor Gutter Guard's unique S-Curve fine mesh design accomplishes what other products have failed to provide: Prevent smaller debris from getting in while at the same time allowing full water flow in.

Valor's thick frame will not warp over time and can effectively withstand falling tree limbs and hail. Its fine mesh which is layered over the top is made from surgical grade stainless steel which helps prevent debris from sticking.

The Most Effective Product on the Market

Valor was put to the test by the 3rd party testing group, NCR Consumer Advocacy Group

Products were broken down by type and Micro Mesh were shown to be most effective. Of the micro mesh products, Valor topped the list in all categories.

Bottom line...If you want a product that will deliver on its promises, there is no better product on the market than Valor Gutter Guards.

NCR review results